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What our clients are saying!


Thanks so much for delivering such a great workshop Ryan, it was delivered in such a professional and meaningful way with my staff commenting it was the best workshop they have ever attended. Thanks again: Rodney Landers GM National Central

“The best guest speaker we have had this year” so say the team at Kitsu Kids!

"Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended! I found the workshop refreshing and motivating – there were many elements of my life both at work and home that I recognised from this that can be made better. For example, doing more things I love, earthing, sleep management, exercise and enjoy a dose of fresh air and sunlight.  I have even shared these to my family especially to my son. Overall, Ryan’s presentation style was impressive, interactive, very logical and straightforward"

"It was 2 hours very well spent. He and course was excellent and behaviour changing. Please send him my appreciation and feedback"

"I particularly enjoyed the breadth of content you covered and the delivery. The personal moments and your openness really made the delivery of the content very special. I liked the approach of providing 21 different strategies and suggesting attendees pick those that resonate with them. This made the topic very approachable, versus a rigid one-size-fits-all approach."

"I really enjoyed this workshop. I appreciated having two hours to focus on thinking about my stress-reduction routines. Some strategies were new; some were reminders of things I already knew but had been forgotten in the hectic pace of life. I’ve already made a start on implementing my two strategies. I love the simplicity of the approach – just selecting two small things to incorporate into my routine." 

"Ryan is getting some great ideas out there. I appreciated his vulnerability in sharing his story. It was insightful hearing about the impact of stress on personal relationships and professional productivity.   It’s great that many of the ‘21 Life Hacks’ are just simple changes to one’s daily routine. Doable and effective!"

"I thought the workshop was fantastic! And I don't say this lightly. I mean, I have been to stress workshops in the past, but this one in particular was different. The "down to earth" nature of Ryan and that he had past experience feeling the worse stress can throw at you, meant that he wasn't talking down to us; he was empowering us. Additionally, the natural and traditional health approach he took was refreshing and, although slightly odd to the casual observer, were simple techniques to implement and much more inline with us as human beings. For example the sunlight, hydration and earthing/grounding techniques, all of which are very important for us humans, are sadly forgotten in our day-to-day modern lives, filled with pressure and the constant struggle to keep up with demands. 

As a result of the workshop, I have chosen a few strategies to take into my life: 1) Doing more things I love 2) Spending more time outdoors and 3) Gratitude thoughts before I go to bed. I have even shared these with my husband, who is definitely being affected by stress and I am gravely worried about."

"I thought it was an eye opening workshop with a great amount of strategies to overcome stress."

"Thank you for the presentation you gave to the team the other week. I am happy to say that the information you provided really resonated with everyone and we are still getting great feedback from the session. For some it was new content they are now actively looking at incorporating into their daily lives and for others it was a reminder of what they should be doing. One of the best comments I have had from a team member as their key takeaway was SDA (Space Design Architects) cares for the wellbeing of its staff"

Ryan had some really practical strategies and his approach was very open-minded and realistic about what you can/can’t fit into life – it was refreshing! Newcastle University

Ryan did a good job of presenting to our group, the session was appropriately interactive and Ryan’s story was really powerful! Newcastle University

Ryan explained his motivations for going plant based/acknowledging some of the topics were ‘a bit out there’, it made me think that Ryan wasn’t trying to force anything or any particular view onto us as a group, which meant I took more away from the session than I might otherwise have done. Newcastle University