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Seated Massage


Office massage is now a common part of most corporate health and wellness programs.

Corporate D Stress has been providing seated massage services to offices in across Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Valley.

Massage in the workplace is being increasingly recognised as a way to not only reward your employees, but to improve their overall health and wellbeing, reducing overall work related stress and therefore their contribution to your organisation improves significantly.

Introducing a corporate massage program, as a staff incentive or part of a workplace wellness program, can improve your organisation’s profitability in several ways:

· Increased productivity
Relieving aches and pains and lowering stress and tension allows staff to better focus and thus increase productivity. Staff also feel revived and energised.

· Reduced absenteeism
releasing knotted muscles in the neck and shoulders prevents headaches and reduces stress; plus employees look forward to coming to work on the day of their session!

· Reduced staff turnover
Improves, builds and maintains high staff morale, job satisfaction and employee appreciation, thus increasing loyalty and decreasing turnover.

· Become an employer of choice
Attract better employees with the benefits of a corporate wellbeing program and experience increased loyalty of your staff

· Happier and more relaxed employees

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