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Show your people you care! Support them in not only identifying areas of stress in their personal and professional lives, but also to develop a simple daily ' Self Care' practice that can be implemented into their every day routine to identify, manage and reduce stress, build resilience and improve performance.

By committing to and applying some or all of the 21 stress hacking rituals identified in our ground-breaking “Own Your Day, Change Your Life” Workshops people are experiencing incredible results as individuals, which ultimately leads to higher levels of motivation, productivity and a happier, unstoppable workforce.

“Our approach is different. Too many organisations have policies and procedures for managing stress and looking after their people that simply sit on a shelf gathering dust. I’m interested in real results, making a real difference and the only way this is possible is by giving people the tools and strategies they can apply to their lives every single day to manage stress personally and professionally, and ultimately build the life they want to achieve.”

The “Own Your Day, Change Your Life” workshops are highly interactive only requiring an investment of 2 hours of your team’s time. We guarantee that your people and business will never be the same!

Our catch phrase, “happy people, healthy business” really says it all, we believe in success through people and we are certain that your business will reap great benefits in increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced staff turnover and whilst becoming an employer of choice. Without doubt this will certainly contribute to the continued growth and overall profitability of your organisation.


This workshop is specifically designed with the 'Australia Male' in mind and is ideally suited to male dominated work environments.

It is said that males are not as effective in identifying and managing their emotions and often fail to identify key stressors in their lives, not only this but it is more likely that men will use counter productive measures to manage stress in their lives such as excessive drinking or gambling. 

The statistics around male mental health and suicide rates is alarming and continues to worsen.

Provide your team with the tools and strategies to identify, manage and reduce stress in their personal and professional lives.

Contact us today to learn more about our Workshops, your team and your business will thank you for years to come!

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